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Shatter Point by Jeff Altabef
admin / November 14, 2014
One of the things I like about writers who set their works in the future is that they are essentially allowing the reader to be a time traveler.  Shatter Point by Jeff Altabef does this.  I’m not talking doom and gloom apocalypse or rocket ships[..]
New Frontier by Jeremy Lee – A Review
admin / February 07, 2014
The one thing that is the most enjoyable about the genre of science fiction is entering the realm of possibility – the land of that which could happen.  Many people read the genre as an escape, others for the action, some, well, just because.  And[..]
Random Act of Kindness/Pay It Forward Continues – Chive On
admin / December 16, 2013
Things have never really been black and white for me, until I looked at the shirt and stickers that I'm going to send to a couple of folks.  Looks like the BFM and Chive gear is, at least at the moment, black and white.Earlier in[..]
Second Star to the Right by Mary Alice Monroe – a Review.
admin / December 08, 2013
Everyone’s knows Peter Pan, or so they say.  Most would likely tell you it’s a children’s tale about a boy who didn’t want to grow up. They wouldn’t be wrong. But they wouldn’t be right. I believe the reality is that many have simply forgotten[..]
The Rising Wind – Ken Floro, III – A Review
admin / August 16, 2013
So the saga begins. Author Ken Floro III, from the heart of middle America, takes us on a trip to another world. From the pages of The Rising Wind springs forth this new land, complete with damsels, myth, legend, knights, magic, mystery, intrigue, adventure, yes,[..]
Pay It Forward
admin / April 18, 2013
Last year a friend reminded me about The Chive.  I say reminded because I knew about the site but for whatever reason hadn’t visited for a while.   I started stopping by again and decided I wanted a tee shirt.  Easier said than done. It was[..]
Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith
admin / February 21, 2013
As of late my focus, intended or not, has been about reading new writers.  Well, new for me anyway. I’m continuing this with the book Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith.  I should stress the concept of new to me as Smith, now with three[..]
The First Days by Rhiannon Frater
admin / February 08, 2013
I'm late to the party.  After seeing The Last Bastion of Humanity (my review here) on a recommend read list, I  decided to give it a try.  It didn't take me long to finish my first book by Rhiannon Frater.  It was my hope The[..]
The Rook by Steven James – A Review
admin / February 06, 2013
It didn’t take me as long to get around to The Rook by Steven James.  I let James’ first book, The Pawn, gather a little too much dust before I realized what I had been missing. (My review here). Truth be told, I’ve been steaming[..]
Serena by Ron Rash – A Review
admin / February 04, 2013
I've been a fan of Ron Rash for a number of years.  Could be because I grew up in the South, maybe it’s his stories, perhaps his characters, most likely it's simply because Ron Rash is an amazing writer.  I'm pretty sure it the latter.[..]