Month: March 2011

Get in the Dance – The Twitter Dance that is.
admin / March 28, 2011
I’ve been on Twitter a couple of months. It started like this. Day 1 - no idea at all what to do or how to go about doing it.  Hashtags? DM’s. Lists. On and on with the lingo. Days 2 – 9 - I waited and[..]
What the $&%^#$ Did He Just Say?
admin / March 25, 2011
$#*$% ?  I say $%#@#$# and *&$^%$  &%$% yes.  If not some *&^$ person may not be *&^&% again.  Translation? I’ll hold off for now and allow you a moment to fill in the blanks, but suffice it to say simply because you see a[..]
It’s the Law
admin / March 21, 2011
Writing can be a minefield.  A minefield that can hit you square in the checkbook in more than one way. I’m not talking about editing mistakes, character flaws or even plot inconsistencies.  I’m talking legal problems that can arise from your writing – and it[..]
The Bite Size Novel
admin / March 19, 2011
As I look around my office the argument could be made I’ve robbed a bookstore or at least was about to open one.  There are all descriptions of books literally cascading from the shelves. The Nook has started storing the overflow. These books range from[..]
Lessons I Have Learned from Bacardi
admin / March 14, 2011
“But why is the Rum gone?” Or so said Johnny Depp in one of his pirate movies.  I’m certain, for his character in any event, the rum was his muse or at a minimum his motivation. However, the Bacardi I‘m talking about is not actually[..]
Check it out and Thanks!
admin / March 11, 2011
I haven’t done a review in a couple of weeks but had a great experience this week I thought would be great fodder for a review.  Particularly given that on Fridays I try to do entries designed to give writers some tools, or at least[..]
Simple but Overlooked Marketing Ideas
admin / March 07, 2011
News flash! Writing a book is just the first step of the process. How’s that for obvious? Make no mistake, it’s a huge first step, but the first never the less.  The real task is how to spread the word to the masses.   So[..]
Sounds from the Page
admin / March 04, 2011
I love music.  I’ve been a guitar player for years.  I love to write.  I’ve been a writer for almost as long as I’ve been a guitar player.  I always thought I’d have a CD/album/whatever you want to call it out before I ever even[..]
Thanks for all the Love
admin / March 01, 2011
Since I’ve been kicking around in the blogging world, trying to spread the word about my debut novel, The Trust. I have been amazed at the people I’ve met who have been amazingly great about helping a new author like myself along.  Since I spend[..]