Month: March 2012

Generation by William Knight
admin / March 29, 2012
I've met Hendrix Harrison.  In the event you’ve yet to meet him, I'd suggest you remedy that situation by reading Generation by William Knight. Harrison's a writer for Strange Phenomena, a magazine that keeps their readers in the know on ghosts, werewolves, conspiracies, bigfoot, and[..]
Inside Ring by Mike Lawson
admin / March 11, 2012
I read a lot.   That being said one of the consequences is I get stagnant with what I have on the horizon for future reads.  From time to time I'm lucky enough to find a new author.  I consider myself extremely lucky if I happen[..]
Doxology by Brian Holers – A Review
admin / March 08, 2012
If I am being completely honest, which I generally prefer to be, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Doxology by Brian Holers.  Also being honest, while incredibly well written, the book started in an interesting fashion.  It wasn’t slow, it wasn’t bad,[..]