Month: January 2013

The Pawn by Steven James – A Review
admin / January 24, 2013
I’ve always fancied myself as having good radar for the fiction available today.  Particularly in the genres I enjoy, but it seems I need to take the radar unit in for a check up. A while back a copy of The Pawn by Steven James[..]
So Cometh the Egg (and with it Much Fun)
admin / January 18, 2013
I've always had a grill.  Something about cooking outside, I guess.  Perhaps it's the fact that no one really questions the cook having a beverage in hand while cooking.  Maybe it's cooking over an open flame.  Maybe it's an escape.  Perhaps it's a return to[..]
The Last Bastion of the Living – A Futuristic Zombie Novel – A Review
admin / January 11, 2013
People love to write about zombies. Why? People love to read about zombies.  Basically, people love zombies. The problem is most zombie fiction is very similar to a zombie – rambling about with no clear direction, cause or goal.  This creates another problem.  With so[..]