Month: August 2011

Bella by Steve Piacente – A Review
admin / August 29, 2011
Piacente spent a career as a journalist and his experiences set the foundation for the compelling tale that is Bella. A soldier is killed in Afghanistan.  The official US Army version is that the death occurred at the hand of the enemy.  However not long[..]
Terri Giuliano Long – Author of In Leah’s Wake – An Interview
admin / August 24, 2011
In the last few months I've had the opportunity not only to read In Leah's Wake, but to also get to know the author through our mutual involvement in a events and just discussing life as an indie writer.   This week Terri is taking[..]
The Help – Kathryn Stockett – Not Really a Review
admin / August 22, 2011
It’s usually not my practice to jump on the bandwagon with overhyped bestsellers.  Generally this means no reviews and sometimes I don’t even read them.  In fact I’ve yet to learn a thing about Dragon Tattoos or Rooms. However, after a recent holiday where I[..]
A Line in the Ice by Jamie Craig A Review
admin / August 20, 2011
I generally don’t read science fiction, sticking more to the mystery/thriller/suspense genre, but I’ve been trying to branch out and read things out of my comfort zone.  So when I had an opportunity to read A Line in the Ice by Jamie Craig, I welcomed[..]
In Leah’s Wake by Terri Giuliano Long – A Review
admin / August 16, 2011
The manner in which Terri Giuliano Long has woven the tale of In Leah’s Wake is perhaps best described as a tapestry of words. I read the book while on holiday and it was the perfect read for my travels in that it provided several[..]
Enter to Win
admin / August 09, 2011
I generally blog about writing tips or my experiences as a writer, but today I am going to mention a few things that are designed to benefit you checkbook. Recently I posted a review of Iron House by John Hart. Amazing book! You can read[..]
John Hart – Iron House – Review Part II with a Giveaway
admin / August 05, 2011
NOW ITS A GIVEAWAYAfter I posted my recent review of Iron House, I was contacted by John Hart's publisher who offered a FREE audiobook of IRON HOUSE to one of my blog readers.  Wanting to make sure not to let this opportunity pass, I jumped[..]