Doxology by Brian Holers – A Review


If I am being completely honest, which I generally prefer to be, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Doxology by Brian Holers. 

Also being honest, while incredibly well written, the book started in an interesting fashion.  It wasn’t slow, it wasn’t bad, it was just, for lack of a better term, sort of disjointed.  Normally when I start a book that begins in such a fashion, I set it aside and don’t finish it.  However with this book while there was this scattered element, the writing was as sharp as I have seen in sometime.  The characters I was being introduced to were compelling and, despite my initial thought that I might end up not finishing the book, I decided to be patient and read on.

My patience (and I should note it didn’t require much) was soon rewarded. 

I read a number of genres but generally prefer fiction that provides a glimpse into the world of people I may know, people I grew up with – people to whom I can relate. 

Doxology did just this.

Holers ushers us into a world of family, where the blood that binds is the strongest and most important thing going.  Even when many years have passed since family members have interacted, or even seen each other, the blood that binds them allows them to pick up where they left off.  However, starting again is not always an easy task.  As the family, primarily two generations of brothers, renew their relationship, the demons of the past return to haunt them.   Through his tale Holers gives the reader a glimpse of the family history to show how the present has come from a difficult past. 

His sense of character is as solid as I have seen.  As I learned more and more about  each character, I found nothing that seemed out of place.  I also found myself identifying with each character, feeling their pain, their hope and in many instances their frustration. 

Many times when I read new writers the characters often come across as forced or a product of a writer who worked too heard to make them larger than life.  There was none of that in Doxology, rather each and ever character, particularly the main characters, were pristine.  This allowed me to feel as if I was standing along side them on the page as the story unfolded.

If you are a fan of literary fiction, specifically Southern literary fiction, you need to read Doxology as soon as possible. 

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