Pay It Forward


Last year a friend reminded me about The Chive.  I say reminded because I knew about the site but for whatever reason hadn’t visited for a while.   I started stopping by again and decided I wanted a tee shirt. 

Easier said than done.

It was at this point I was reminded of a lesson my mother passed along to me as a child – Just because you want something doesn’t mean you can have it.

I needed a plan – Keep Calm and Chive On – in two basic parts.

It seems to have worked so far.

Part 1 – Over the past few months I’ve been fortunate enough to have purchased some cool stuff from The Chive.  Current count 2 KCCO tees, 2 Original Keep Calm and Chive On tees – 2 BFM stickers and 2 Keep Calm and Chive On decals.    All of which seem to be a bit popular as they are all currently Out of Stock. (See photos of ½ of the purchases above.)

This leads me to the second part of my plan, and I will point out that it’s ongoing (hopefully).  Part 2 is to embrace the Pay it Forward concept.  While I plan on wearing my shirts and displaying my decals, I don’t need 2 of every thing and while capitalism and Ebay are fine, the shirts and other stuff, once sold out, are hard to find and near impossible to purchase without paying a HUGE mark up.    

the Plan – I’ll give away the extra stuff I buy.  (As new shirts are made available, if I can buy 1, I’ll buy 2.  I’ll keep 1 and give 1 away.  I can’t promise I’ll get 100% of what goes on sale.  I missed out on the BFM’s.)  So i get a good turnout and my giving away my extra items is successful, when I do end up with a purchase, I’ll put up a new post on the blog, tweet it with @thechive and #KCCO to let folks know.

The rest is up to you.

So what does it take to get your hands on one of the shirts or the decals pictured above?

If you’ve read this far you’re ahead of the game.  Second, just leave a comment below and by the end of the month (or there abouts), I’ll randomly select 3 winners (1 for each shirt and one for the sticker and the decal) and reply to the comments with instructions on me getting the shirt or stickers to them.  I’ll even pay the postage.

All I ask in return is that if you end up with a shirt or sticker – remember to Pay It Forward.

Simple as that.  

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