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admin / February 21, 2011
I often wonder when I write a blog entry if it’s the title that draws the readers or if they are showing up as a sole result of the title of the blog. I guess we’ll find out today. That having been said, I am[..]
Where Should Your Blog Call Home?
admin / February 19, 2011
In advance of my book, The Trust, being published I dove, well, stepped, into the deep end of the book marketing pool with the goal being to let the world know about my book.  There also wasn’t a lot of planning on my part. I[..]
Read. Write. Edit. Repeat.
admin / February 14, 2011
I’m a planner.  Vacations?  I know where I am going, where I am staying, the things I want to do on vacation and likely even the days I’ll be doing them while I travel.  Dinner?  I know today what I am having tomorrow. My day? [..]
iPhone – A tool for Writers
admin / February 11, 2011
I’ve always loved getting a new cell phone.  Trouble is as soon as I have a one I’m ready for a new one.  At least until I purchased my first iPhone.  Sure there were things to get used to – virtual keyboards, small ear speaker[..]
Alone in Cyberspace
admin / February 08, 2011
For years I looked at blogs and rolled my eyes.  Why would I ever need to blog?I had this same response with Tivo.  I had the same reaction to satellite radio.  I did it with my iPhone.  In each of the situations I had a[..]
Just ask…
admin / February 06, 2011
Research is always a tricky thing.  I've heard different, if not competing views, from almost every writer with whom I discuss this subject.  Some advocate for only internet using the Google approach.  I'm not the head cheerleader of this movement, but I will say that[..]
When to Share
admin / February 04, 2011
One question I have struggled with and, likely will continue to just be befuddled about, is when do you share what you have written.  Particularly when the writing is going to be fiction length.I struggled with this concept while writing The Trust.  Not knowing the[..]
Motivation to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard
admin / January 30, 2011
Ideas just seem to be no problem.  Sometimes I literally feel like I have to turn off the tap on ideas for plots, sub-plots, characters, etc.  (As an aside, I do keep a log of these random ideas which I use a source of reference[..]
Plot Inspiration.
admin / January 30, 2011
So no secret I am an attorney.  And no secret that I practice in Charleston, South Carolina.  It is also no surprise that many times the type of law I practice can have more twists and turns that a two lane mountain road.  Many times[..]
Character Names
admin / January 27, 2011
As people are starting to read The Trust, I've been getting a number of questions about how I come up with character names.  I've also had a few interesting thing pointed out to me about some of the names I've used.  There have been several[..]