Alone in Cyberspace

For years I looked at blogs and rolled my eyes.  Why would I ever need to blog?
I had this same response with Tivo.  I had the same reaction to satellite radio.  I did it with my iPhone.  In each of the situations I had a response, see below, that, for me anyway, covered it.  (See the second part of each to understand why I was fooling myself!)
-I have cable television why would I possible need Tivo. — No, I didn’t see that show, I was busy.
-Satellite radio?  Really, what’s the big deal?  – Howard Stern? No, he’s not on in my market anymore.
-An iPhone?  I already have a smart phone that lets me do everything I need. — No I missed that meeting, see my phone didn’t synch…
Fast forward a few years and now I have Tivo, Sirius/XM, an iPhone and a whole lot of other things that I, at the time, couldn’t possibly have needed at the time.  I, candidly, don’t know how I did without them.
On top of this I also have a blog.  I never thought I would be blogging, but now I can’t imagine how I was able to write The Trust without a blog.  

–A pause for a moment of encouragement to all of those who don’t have a blog.  Get one.  Loads of places make it really easy to do.
Since I’ve started this blog, I find I’m making myself write more frequently, I pay a more attention to things around me (I need ideas for the blog after all!!) and, it seems, the words all around are coming a bit more freely.  
Now, I recognize I’m new to this world of blogging and at the present, I do have a feeling I’m blogging to the vastness of cyberspace, but the benefit far outweighs any burden.
Here are a few things I have learned so far that seem to be paying off and helping me encounter a few people along the way who are looking over what I have to say.  A few have even returned with friends.
1 – First and foremost, I believe you should write what you know.  I will likely write, among other things,  about publishing with a smaller publisher because, this I know.  Hopefully I will someday be able to blog about selling many vast thousands of books, but that will have to be a topic for a later date because right now, I know nothing about it, but to dream….
2 – Don’t over blog.  Two, maybe 3 blogs per week.  However, be consistent.  Too many and people get blog fatigue.  To few and you’ll have no readers.  
3 – Compose concise blogs of perhaps no more than 400-600 words.
4 – It is also my goal to have something to say rather than just ranting – though a little ranting can be a good thing.  
5 – I’m quickly learning that shameless promotion is a requirement.  It’s also a requirement to read the blogs of others.  The benefit here is that I am learning a great deal and supporting the blogs of others.  It also seems that bloggers are a supporting lot.
6 – Always be up for trying new things to get the word on your blog out.  There are loads of information out there for bloggers, so eat it up.
7 – Be persistent and consistent.  Sort of redundant with number 2 above, but I believe it takes a while to build up a following. So stay at it.
8 – Lastly, Have Fun!!!

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