The HOUSE of Order by John Paul Jaramillo – A Review
admin / April 20, 2012
I wasn't sure what to expect when I received my copy of The HOUSE of Order by John Paul Jaramillo.  To be honest, as I always am when doing reviews, the image on the cover (the same one displayed to the left of this review) was a bit disturbing.  Even after reading Jaramillo's work, I still find myself questioning the artwork and am struggling a bit as to any imagery or meaning that may tie it through to the book.  (I was even asked by one friend why I was reading a book about smoking.) [..]
Generation by William Knight
admin / March 29, 2012
I've met Hendrix Harrison.  In the event you’ve yet to meet him, I'd suggest you remedy that situation by reading Generation by William Knight. Harrison's a writer for Strange Phenomena, a magazine that keeps their readers in the know on ghosts, werewolves, conspiracies, bigfoot, and all things fringe.  Harrison's military past didn't exactly pave the way for a career as a journalist, but Strange Phenomena isn't exactly your mainstream media outlet.   To complicate matters, Harrison isn't exactly what you would call technologically savvy.  In fact, he actually shuns technology while trying to do his job[..]
Inside Ring by Mike Lawson
admin / March 11, 2012
I read a lot.   That being said one of the consequences is I get stagnant with what I have on the horizon for future reads.  From time to time I'm lucky enough to find a new author.  I consider myself extremely lucky if I happen to discover a writer with more than one book in print.             Such is the case with Mike Lawson.  Lawson writes thrillers set in DC.  While he has clearly spent some time in our nation’s capital, he wasn’t a politician, rather he's a nuclear engineer who's made a very successful[..]
Doxology by Brian Holers – A Review
admin / March 08, 2012
If I am being completely honest, which I generally prefer to be, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Doxology by Brian Holers.  Also being honest, while incredibly well written, the book started in an interesting fashion.  It wasn’t slow, it wasn’t bad, it was just, for lack of a better term, sort of disjointed.  Normally when I start a book that begins in such a fashion, I set it aside and don’t finish it.  However with this book while there was this scattered element, the writing was as sharp as I have[..]
Farsighted by Emlyn Chand – A Review
admin / November 18, 2011
I don't generally read the YA genre, but I've been expanding my reading list.  With Farsighted by Emlyn Chand, I'm rather glad I did.  The premise is straight forward.  We have a sleepy mid-western town and in this town is a high school.  Along with the high school comes all that one would expect.  There are those who are members of the "in" crowd and those who simply aren't. Then there is Alex Kosmitoras.  Alex is a 16 year old sophomore who is struggling to fit in.   If all were perfect for him, fitting in[..]
Blog Tour de Troops
admin / November 11, 2011
On Veteran's Day this year thanks to the Indie Book Collective our troops are going to reap the benefits.  Scores of indie authors are donating ebooks for the troops.  For every comment on each of the blogs the commenter will get a copy of that author's book - and there are some incredible authors and books there!  On top of this, for every comment the author will donate an ebook to a out troops.  As part of this Blog Tour de Troops I'm honored to host Terri Long, the author of In Leah's Wake.  So learn[..]