Where is all of this going?
admin / January 22, 2011
Who knows is the short answer.  I've been thinking about exactly how I want this blog to go.  I've been wanting to start a blog for some time now and I certainly have a surplus of thoughts on a variety of issues.  But I've been asking myself what people would be interested in hearing my on.  So I've had a couple of thoughts on this.  I have a friend that does an amazing legal blog and his counsel is and has always been "Write what you know." So that is what I will do.First, this blog[..]
To Agent or not to Agent
admin / January 22, 2011
In the last couple of weeks since I started spreading the word my novel was to be published, I've had a lot of questions on how I managed to get an agent onboard with the book. Interesting tale I tell them.I had not one, not two, but three agents and all were a huge help in different ways.When I finished the book I wasn't sure what to do next.  So after some research, I started submitting it to agents - actually many agents.  I researched the agents, the genre's they represented and the titles they had[..]
Character Research
admin / January 19, 2011
I was coming out of Court this week and ran into an attorney friend of mine who stopped to talk about The Trust.  Prior to last week I hadn't told a lot of people about the book mainly because I was overly cautious, not wanting to jinx the pending publication.  It was not until after my publisher said everything had been shipped to the printer did I let people know it was on the way.  Since then I have had a number of conversations about the release and I am always humbled and flattered.So I'm[..]
Kindle Nook and the slew of eBook Readers
admin / January 18, 2011
Seven years ago I started writing The Trust.  When I finished it and was telling friends that I had written a book, one of my attorney friends ask, "Are you going to publish an eBook?"  I answered with a simple, "No." What I really meant was, "H*** no, you fool!!! I want someone to read it!!"  Seven years ago I don't think I had even seen an eBook.When I was asked this question the only real method to read an ebook was at a computer and most of us don't want to sit in front[..] is Up!
admin / January 16, 2011
Yesterday was a productive day, but one where I found myself somewhat out of my element.  As many know, I am first and foremost a photographer - photography is something I have studied and have enjoyed doing for years.  As a result of this, I am most comfortable behind the camera.  However, yesterday I had to have photos taken for the website and for the novel.  I have decided I make a horrendous subject, but thanks to having loads of photos taken, and with the help of a very talented photographer, I now have photos[..]
The Trust First Blog
admin / January 15, 2011
This is my first post to The Trust Blog. As I am writing this, I find myself on the eve of the publication of my debut novel which is called (you guessed it) The Trust.  It took a long time to get here.  Nearly 6 years, a folder bulging with rejections letters, a smaller folder with a few letters of encouragement and finally a letter from a publisher who decided there might be a market for my novel. In the last few days since I've realized I am less than a week week away from[..]