Where is all of this going?

Who knows is the short answer.  
I’ve been thinking about exactly how I want this blog to go.  I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now and I certainly have a surplus of thoughts on a variety of issues.  But I’ve been asking myself what people would be interested in hearing my on.  
So I’ve had a couple of thoughts on this.  I have a friend that does an amazing legal blog and his counsel is and has always been “Write what you know.” 
So that is what I will do.
First, this blog is a blog about The Trust – what got me here with the book, what I have learned and what is happening as I move forward with it.  So I’m going to spend some time writing about all of these things.
I plan on writing about the writing process.
I plan on writing about the progress on my next novel and upcoming ideas.
I’ve also decided to spend some time talking about how writing and the practice of law blend together.
So make sure to check back often to see where things are going.  

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