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Since I’ve been kicking around in the blogging world, trying to spread the word about my debut novel, The Trust. I have been amazed at the people I’ve met who have been amazingly great about helping a new author like myself along.  Since I spend so much time trying to promote myself, I thought I’d add an extra blog entry this week to say thank you to some folks who have gone above and beyond for me.

Rich Evens is the force behind the blog, R. A. Evans Writes.  He does reviews and blogs, but one of the neatest features he has started is his 7 Deadly Questions section.  Guest authors taking part are given a mix of questions –  some chosen by Evans, some picked at random from a bank of questions and also questions submitted by blog readers.  You can follow Evans on Twitter at @raevanswrites.

Holly at Full Moon Bites has reviews, featured author interviews and a good deal of other information.  One neat section of her blog is the Featured Series where she focuses on reviews of series giving a good overview of ongoing works.  She also does a great job of keeping readers up to date on what she will be doing with upcoming reviews.  Follow her on Twitter at @fullmoonbites.

David Wiseheart is the producer and coordinator behind the Kindle Author blog.  He has guest author interviews, in depth author information, and excerpts from different works, all of which relate back to the Kindle and Kindle Authors.  Check out one of his author interviews.  Follow David on Twitter at @kindleauthors.

Lesa Holstine keeps things running at Lesa’s Book Critiques.  The focus is on reviews of mysteries, but she has frequent guest posts and has a tremendous database of insightful reviews – she has been at it a while and the blog product shows it.   Follow Lesa on Twitter at @LesaHolstine. 

Check these folks out. Follow them.  Read their blogs.  Overall, get in the game and reach out to bloggers, reviewers and other writers.  You’ll only reap the rewards.

If you don’t mind, tweet this blog and let your followers know about these great people!

Oh and while you’re here, why not consider reading an excerpt from The Trust or, gasp, even buying a copy of your own.

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