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From time to time I am reviewing books that I run across or that I have enjoyed.  Today I am reviewing Revenge by Mark Young.  I ran across Mark  Young on Twitter @MarkYoungBooks and was happy to have had the opportunity to review Revenge.
A Travis Mays Novel
By Mark Young

The wilds of Idaho are a serene and soothing place complete with forest, native American reservations, rivers and a slower pace of life.  You can imagine a peaceful river lazily winding its way along the base of majestic mountains.  

It is against this background that Mark Young builds the tension and suspense that is Revenge. What the reader soon understands is that the lazy winding river leads to rapids up around the bend.  Clearly Mr. Young knows the Pacific Northwest.

Young starts out with a bang to get things going.  Characters are introduced, tension is built then everything suddenly collapses.  

For the main character, Travis Mays, that is.  This collapse leaves us with the foundation for a story of Revenge.

After the murder of a close associate (pick up a copy and read for more on this), Mays leaves the law enforcement job he not only loved but in which he was near legend.  He winds up a professor of criminology in the Pacific Northwest, trying to leave his past behind.  

However, Young brings Mays back to the forefront when Mays finds himself square in the middle of a murder investigation.  At first Mays is reluctant to get involved because doing so could bring back painful memories from his former life as a detective.

However there’s always a girl and this girl’s brother has been murdered.  Mays, though at first reluctant, is drawn into a tangled web that tightens with the turn of every page.

Young clearly draws upon personal knowledge and experience in creating his characters.  The dialogue is sharp and fits the edginess of the story and setting.  While there were a couple of places I was curious as to how the events were going to tie together into the storyline, I didn’t have to wait long to get back on the path.

Young uses the determination of his characters to slowly build the crescendo of the plot to a peak where he launches the reader on a whirlwind ride to the finish. 

The pacing of the book provides for a quality that makes it easy to pick up even if you have been away for a bit.  The chapters are of a comfortable length and do not belabor in any fashion.  This quality contributes to the overall readability of the book.

A solid 4 out of 5 stars.   Fans of suspense, mystery, police thrillers and crime dramas are sure to enjoy Revenge.

Revenge by Mark Young can be purchased from Amazon.  For more information on Mark Young, visit his website.

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