Random Act of Kindness/Pay It Forward Continues – Chive On


Things have never really been black and white for me, until I looked at the shirt and stickers that I’m going to send to a couple of folks.  Looks like the BFM and Chive gear is, at least at the moment, black and white.

Earlier in the year I found myself with some extra Chive gear on my hands and I gave it away.  I’m doing it again.  You know, it being the holiday season and such.
So pass this along.  Tell people about it.  Most importantly, leave a comment below.  On December 31st before I go out in search of some Black Lager, I’ll select two random comments and send the shirt to one and the stickers to the other.  I’ll even pay the postage.
Important safety tip, make sure you watch for emails with The Chive in the subject line.  Last time I gave away Chive gear one of the folks who won a shirt never let me know what their address was.  (Don’t leave your address in the comment – I’ll email the winner.)  Point of this is make sure to respond to my email or I may be forced to give the shirt or stickers to the guy at the end of my driveway who always seems to be there in the morning when I leave for work….
Oh, if you are one of the folks who scores the shirt or stickers remember to Pay It Forward and if you send a pic of you with your gear it will go up on the site.
Chive On and Happy Holidays! 

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