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I generally blog about writing tips or my experiences as a writer, but today I am going to mention a few things that are designed to benefit you checkbook.

Recently I posted a review of Iron House by John Hart. Amazing book! You can read the review here.  After the review was posted, Hart’s publisher, McMillan contacted and offered up a free copy of this book on audio to a reader of my blog.  I am going to draw for this in about a week, but wanted to encourage everyone to enter.  To enter, just follow the link to the review above and enter a comment.  I’ll get back in touch with the winner so they can claim their prize.

Secondly, what do the following books have in common?

     –In Leah’s Wake by Terri Giuliano Long
     -Sophia & Carter by Chelsea Fine
     -Chasing Amanda by Melissa Foster
     -Bella by Steve Piacente
     -The Trust by Sean Keefer (that’s my book by the way)

All of these books will be featured in the Indie Book Collective’s next Best Seller for a Day.  What does this mean for the readers out there?  Plain and simple on the 17th of August each of these books will be available for the ridiculously low price of 99 cents.  It’s essentially like the pizza promotion – 5 books for $5 bucks.  Visit the main page for this promotion here.  The prices will only be lowered for the day of the promotion, so mark your calendars and spread the word to help make these books Best Sellers for a Day.

Finally, I thought I would give away a signed copy of my book, The Trust.  To enter, just leave a comment on this blog.  I’ll contact the winner in about 10 days to arrange getting the book to them.  If you’d like to read an excerpt from my book before you enter feel free to stop over here.

As always thanks and Enjoy!

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