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I haven’t done a review in a couple of weeks but had a great experience this week I thought would be great fodder for a review.  Particularly given that on Fridays I try to do entries designed to give writers some tools, or at least thoughts, to help with some aspect of their writing.

I also like to give thanks where it is deserved.

Add to that the fact that many of my recent posts have been marketing related, this seemed particularly appropriate.

There’s a great site called Novel Publicity.  The name says it all.  They provide a large and varied number of services to assist authors in book promotion – at all stages of the game.  Pretty much whatever you need for promotion they have it.  While this may sound like a paid promotional blog, I really was that impressed with the experience I had.

They have a team of professionals who clearly have an understanding of and love of the written word.  Plus they respond to questions very promptly (even when some of the answers could be found right on their website.  What can I say, sometimes I get lazy).

One of the services they offer is called a Twitterview.  Follow the link to get the skinny on how it works but the nutshell is a modern day, high tech version of 20 questions. 

In each Twitterview the first 5 questions are always the same, the next 5 are crafted for the specific person being Twitterviewed, the next 5 are generated at random (randomly picked by the Twitterviewee from a bank of questions) and the last 5 are from the audience.

The Twitterviewee logs onto Twitter at the appointed time and a moderator generates the questions and keeps the interview going.  The answers are provided 140 characters at a time, in real time, by the Twitterviewee.

The Twitter character limit forces you to be very succinct and thoughtful in your answers.  It also keeps you on your feet.  It can be fast and furious, but it is a blast.

The audience questions are a load of fun.  Primarily because the audience is really paying attention and is keenly focused on the author and the interview. 

Novel Publicity does a great job promoting the event to ensure maximum exposure. As well, when it is over a graphic transcript is posted on their site.  Read mine here.

While Novel Publicity charges for their services, many of their services, Twitterviews included, may be obtained gratis though you do have to do some work – generally winning a contest. 

One of the ways you can win a Twitterview is by having a winning entry in a flash fiction contest.  What better way to practice your writing than to do it with the possibility of winning free publicity. That is just a win-win proposition!

Point of all of this, in addition to saying thanks to the folks at Novel Publicity for a great experience, is that this is an example of what you find when you are active in social media and network with the masses out there.

The options are never ending and it is literally a situation where around the corner there is yet another opportunity to expand your brand and further your reach.  It only takes you as the author taking those few steps.

As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment.  Oh, while you are here why not read an excerpt from The Trust or even buy your own copy.

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