admin / July 06, 2011
As of late I feel my blog entries have been akin to motivational posters, but I’ve found that, ironically enough, some of my past blogs, Inspiration and Perspective, have been some of my most popular, well except for that one on Sex. To continue this theme, I’m going to write about determination.  I frequently describe writing as a football game of sorts, a special kind of football game. You as the writer get to be the quarterback.  In our game of football the writer/quarterback is also leading a really tight and seasoned offense.  Isn’t every[..]
admin / July 03, 2011
It wasn’t there, then it is - as simple as that.  In a single moment inspiration can hit, changing the course of your moment, minute or day.  Sometimes you find it in the oddest of places. When I began working on The Trust I was flying home and started typing at 20,000 feet.  To this day I can’t remember where I had traveled, but I remember as I looked out over a blanket of clouds it was, at that moment, time to start writing.  That was inspiration enough for me, though I had been waiting[..]
An Interview with dk LeVick – Author of Bridges – A Tale of Niagara
admin / June 28, 2011
1 – From your website bio it’s easy to see how you were drawn to write about the Falls and the Niagara area.  One of the more interesting places in the book is “Ol’Gordy’s.” Is this an actual place and if it is how does it compare to the “Ol’Gordy’s in Bridges?  If not, how did you come up with this idea? dk - While there are a number of shops and businesses in Niagara with pictures of Niagara Falls, and some from the old days, Ol’Gordy’s was a fabrication of life as I recall[..]
Barbecued Pork Shoulder
admin / June 25, 2011
I may be about to step into a viper pit.  I'm going to talk about barbecue.  People are fierce in their allegiances in regard to this culinary delight and I acknowledge this. Memphis, Kansas City, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina or some other region.  You’ll have no problem finding those who will swear on about anything you like, that the barbecue from their region is the best.  I’m not here to come anywhere near deciding, or even commenting, on where it may be better.  What I’m going to do is talk about a recipe that[..]
Good Ole Mac & Cheese
admin / June 25, 2011
In The Trust two characters visit a local eating establishment that is, or was, known in Charleston as a place to get a “Meat and Three.”  You get meat and three vegetables.  Think comfort food.  Think fried chicken, meat loaf, hamburger steak, cabbage, mashed potatoes or mac & cheese.  The next few recipes are my versions of meat and threes.I believe every cook should be able to whip up a high calorie, high fat, high quality, delicious, mouth watering mac & cheese.  This is my version of just that.  Beauty of it is you can[..]
Anna Beth’s Italian Casserole
admin / June 25, 2011
There’s a scene in The Trust where the heroine prepares a meal for the main character.  For reasons that presently escape me, I didn’t mention the dish by name or ingredient in the book.  I’ll fix that now.I’ve always been a fan of rustic food, this one being an example.  Neat thing about this recipe is you can adapt it in a variety of ways.  Change the sauce around, add your choice of meat or paste.  Endless pastabilities! The true beauty is the rustic nature and the depth of the flavors from the homemade sauce,[..]