Fine Dining or your Favorite Dive
admin / November 10, 2011
Sometimes I get distracted from my writing.  Heck, I think we all do from time to time.  After all, it’s easy for other things to pop up.  Lately I’ve been deluged with friends coming into town, college football (oh my poor SC Gamecocks), work conferences, travel, and the list goes on.  However, one thing that’s been a common factor for all of these things is that any of them can be better enjoyed with food.  Yes, there’s been a lot of food lately.  It has been a nice variety as well, pizza on game day,[..]
Swallow Savannah – Ken Burger – A Review
admin / September 08, 2011
In the late 1940’s there wasn’t too much to Groton, South Carolina but that all changed with two things.  First, the arrival of Frank Finklea and second, the beginning of construction on the Savannah River Plant. I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Mainstream publishing doesn’t have a thing on the independently published books out there.  Once again I feel like I'm in on a secret that's just waiting there like a hidden gem to be discovered.  Swallow Savannah by Ken Burger is just the latest in prizes I've discovered from the world[..]
More Beach Reads – Summer 2011 Part II
admin / September 04, 2011
So the end of Summer is upon us.  In fact it’s the last weekend of summer, but there is nothing wrong with squeezing out a few more weeks of bliss before fall is upon up. Hopefully everyone has devoured a number of great books since Memorial Day. If nothing else, I’m sure you’ve read The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  While I am told there is one person who hasn’t read the book, I am also told this is the same person who doesn’t have a cell phone, so no one’s been able to track him[..]
Bella by Steve Piacente – A Review
admin / August 29, 2011
Piacente spent a career as a journalist and his experiences set the foundation for the compelling tale that is Bella. A soldier is killed in Afghanistan.  The official US Army version is that the death occurred at the hand of the enemy.  However not long after the funeral his widow receives an anonymous phone call.  The caller says her husband's death was not as the Army has told her.  Seems we have a cover up that reaches to the heights of our nation’s military order. The widow, Bella, finds her way to a DC reporter[..]
Terri Giuliano Long – Author of In Leah’s Wake – An Interview
admin / August 24, 2011
In the last few months I've had the opportunity not only to read In Leah's Wake, but to also get to know the author through our mutual involvement in a events and just discussing life as an indie writer.   This week Terri is taking part in a Whirlwind Tour coordinated by the folks at Novel Publicity.  As part of this, having earlier posted a review of In Leah's Wake, I wanted to run an interview with Terri where she talks about reading, writing and the process behind her approach to her novel.  She also[..]
The Help – Kathryn Stockett – Not Really a Review
admin / August 22, 2011
It’s usually not my practice to jump on the bandwagon with overhyped bestsellers.  Generally this means no reviews and sometimes I don’t even read them.  In fact I’ve yet to learn a thing about Dragon Tattoos or Rooms. However, after a recent holiday where I traveled through a number of large airports I returned with the feeling I’d just been for a swim in a sea of Kathryn Stockett’s books.  It was simply impossible to look any direction on a plane, a beach or while in an airport and not have your field of view[..]