A Creative Recharge
admin / April 25, 2011
I just got back from vacation, which is why I haven’t posted in a while.  Quite wonderful, well except for the day one of the canines decided he wasn’t getting enough attention and had to go to the vet.  After a 45-minute drive and an eye-popping bill for an upset stomach, I spent the drive back to our house thinking I perhaps should’ve been a vet. That drama aside, I used the vacation for an experiment – a mini-writer’s retreat.  My goal was to see the benefit, if any, from a week of concentrated writing.[..]
The King Whisperers by Kerwin Swint – A Review
admin / April 24, 2011
At its core The King Whisperers by Kerwin Swint is a study of the proverbial power behind the thrones of history.   Swint takes the reader on a journey through history delving into events spanning thousands of years, exploring individuals who, in varying ways, helped establish, guide, influence or control those who ruled. At first blush one may be tempted to pass over such a work thinking it lacked focus, was too broad in its undertaking or, even that it was going to be too academic to be engaging to all but those in, well, academia.  After[..]
Review – Revenge by Mark Young
admin / April 11, 2011
From time to time I am reviewing books that I run across or that I have enjoyed.  Today I am reviewing Revenge by Mark Young.  I ran across Mark  Young on Twitter @MarkYoungBooks and was happy to have had the opportunity to review Revenge.RevengeA Travis Mays NovelBy Mark YoungThe wilds of Idaho are a serene and soothing place complete with forest, native American reservations, rivers and a slower pace of life.  You can imagine a peaceful river lazily winding its way along the base of majestic mountains.  It is against this background that Mark Young builds the tension[..]
Even More Marketing
admin / April 08, 2011
I’ve decided I’m learning a tremendous amount about book marketing and apparently I feel the need to share. Two things make me think this.  First, I’ve always been told you should learn from your mistake.  I’m certain a ton of mistakes have originated with me in the last three months in regards to my marketing efforts, so I have to have learned something. Right? Secondly, from time to time I’ve noticed two things.  1 – Spikes in the traffic to my website and 2 – a steady pace to book sales, The Trust. It’s the[..]
For Your Consideration
admin / April 04, 2011
I love Law & Order.  Really the whole franchise is excellent, but the original Law & Order is perhaps my favorite.  I even have a favorite cast of characters during which I thought the show was at its peak.  One of the characters I adore is Lennie Briscoe who was portrayed by the late but greater that great Jerry Orbach.  When I was formulating this post I was reminded of a scene when Briscoe, the king of one-liners, was searching through some high-class trash at a Hollywood film studio.  He had a great comment about[..]
More Marketing – Going Old School
admin / April 01, 2011
These days thoughts of marketing are a near constant.  My motto has become “Do more today because what you did yesterday wasn’t enough.”  I’m always trying new thing, but recently I’ve been focusing on some old school methods. It is largely accepted our society is such that technology literally changes from day-to-day.  As of late the hot button approaches for marketing are twitter, facebook, websites and all things social media.  No matter what you’re doing online, it seems there is always one more option available. Chances are you ended up on this blog entry from[..]