Who is Mike Hessman?
admin / May 13, 2011
For many when the first pitch of the year is made the ballpark is simply the only place to be.  From coast to coast you hear the cry of “Play Ball” and a calm settles over the field. The great thing about baseball is regardless of whether you’re at Yankee Stadium or watching a local Little League game the experience, well, except for the selection of beverages, is at its root, the same.  Sometimes the enthusiasm and energy is more impressive at the non-Major League level.  Some of the best baseball you’ll ever witness can[..]
A Fun Diversion
admin / May 09, 2011
Writing is as much about research as it is about getting the words on the page.  For instance, let’s say that in your writing you want to discuss a scene that takes place in a particular building or type of building.  It’s one thing to say a character went inside a building, but is it another thing entirely if you can take the reader inside the building with the character. How does one do this? Research of course. The same is true when it comes to things like dialogue. How do you make the most[..]
Can you Taste what I Just Wrote?
admin / May 06, 2011
I get bored rather easily.  Always have, probably always will. As a result of my boredom, cooking and all things food caught my attention some years ago.  This interest follows me to this day.  I’m as excited about reading a cookbook as I am one of my favorite fiction authors. Truth be told, I’m probably what would be described as a “foodie.”  See, not only does the food interest me, but the drink part of the food experience, well, that caught my attention as well.  I’ll confess, I’ve been to more than one eating establishment[..]
Author Interview – Dr. Kerwin Swint – Author of the King Whisperers
admin / May 03, 2011
Recently I was honored with an invitation to participate in a blog tour for The King Whisperers by Kerwin Swint.  You can find my review here.  I reached out to Dr. Swint, who is a Professor of Politics at Kennesaw State University, and invited him to participate in an author interview. He graciously accepted. 1 – Tell us a little about yourself.  What brought you to the world of writing?  How did you come to write The King Whisperers? As a college professor, I’m expected to publish, so I always have. But a few years[..]
The Genius of Charlie Sheen
admin / May 02, 2011
A couple of months ago if you had seen the phrases #winning or #tigerblood you likely wouldn’t have given them a second thought. Charlie Sheen, you crazy man.  Or, perhaps marketing genius. Flash back a couple of months. Charlie is doing great.  In May of 2010, he’s making approximately $2 million per episode of a 30-minute sitcom that is also in syndication. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone that Charlie’s personal life was a bit, well, shocking.  Over the years some have even called him a “Hollywood Badboy.”  That aside, Charlie appeared to[..]
More Marketing – Book Events
admin / April 29, 2011
Book events are a great way to meet people interested in books.  If you handle it correctly, after your event they’ll leave interested in your book.  Or better yet they’ll leave with your book. However, there’s more to it than showing up with a pen and a stack of books. Readers haven’t met many writers, but readers like being able to hold their book and announce they met, or perhaps, know the writer.  It’s my opinion these readers have a stronger attachment to your book.  Stronger attachments mean a higher likelihood they tell others about[..]