Review – A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
admin / June 12, 2011
I thought it time to review a classic.  A Confederacy of Dunces. The late John Kennedy Toole wrote Confederacy and no review could be complete without an understanding of Toole.  Toole was born in New Orleans where he started writing at an early age.  His first novel was completed when he was but 16.  Toole became a college professor though he wrote Confederacy while in the Army.  Once completed, he undertook the task we all know as publishing; however, Confederacy was universally rejected.  Suffering from depression in part from his perceived failure as a writer,[..]
One Book at a Time
admin / June 10, 2011
I’ve never been a marketer.  Never really been a salesman either.  Sure, I’ve sold stereos at the now sort of defunct Circuit City but the idea of planning a marketing strategy was enough to make me roll my eyes and throw up my hands in surrender. Oh, I’m talking about marketing my book, The Trust. I remember the day I received a phone call from a publisher saying he wanted to publish.  There was much rejoicing.  The contract was reviewed and signed. Then waiting began.  Sometime between my pen hitting the contract and the day[..]
Sex Part 2
admin / June 07, 2011
I’ve written blogs previously on sex – for example see here.  These articles have covered the topic of how to construct a sex scene.  What is enough sex?  What is not enough sex?  Generally the focus is how to construct a sex scene. However, that begs the question of should you have sex, in your writing, at all? Many would say that basically anytime you want would be a good time to have sex – again speaking of having it in your writing.  Others, most certainly, would say there is no need to include sex[..]
The Season of the Beach Read is upon Us!
admin / May 22, 2011
Each year with Memorial Day comes a new Beach Read Season. The masses will soon be flocking to the shore for a weeklong escape from the reality that makes for the balance of their year.  Relaxation for body and mind is generally the goal and to accomplish this, many a page will be turned during the coming months. I live close enough to the coast for regular visits and while out this morning with one of the Aussies I wasn’t the least bit surprised with the near library’s worth of books coming out for a[..]
How’s the Weather in There?
admin / May 20, 2011
Does it rain in your writing? Has it ever snowed?  Have you ever had to endure a hurricane?  Well, if the answer is no then it’s about time the weather took a turn for the worse. Funny thing is that a lot of fiction must be set in Perfect Town, USA.  The weather’s always sunny, it never gets cold, there’s never any humidity and heaven forbid it rains. In a lot of fiction about the only thing that changes is whether it’s morning or night.  That is unless the tale has zombies or vampires.  When[..]
The High School Book Report – Starting a Book Review Blog
admin / May 16, 2011
Few people ever say they loved writing high school book reports.  Even fewer still are able to identify any benefit to these book reports.  Sure the process was a learning tool, but not a skill that you use on a regular basis.  Well, that is unless you do book reviews.  As of late there seems to be more bloggers doing book reviews than you can shake a stick at and the number just keeps growing. So much so that to hear authors say there is no real outlet for having their books reviewed makes one[..]