Thanks for taking the time to read The Trust. I’ve listed some ideas to start book club discussions. I’ll be posting more from time to time, but use these to get started. Feel free to Contact me if you have ideas for questions or questions of your own.

Discussion Questions

1 – Did the pacing of the book allow you to identify with the characters while keeping the story moving?

2 – The book is told from the point of view of the first person, that of Noah Parks, did you find this effective?

3 – Noah Parks is not what some would call a typical attorney, what about him did you find most interesting?

4 – As much as the Last Will and Testament of Leo Cross is a central point of the book, so is the city of Charleston.  Do you feel that the setting of the book added or distracted from the story?

5 – Food and wine are both central to a number of scenes in the book, did their inclusion make the story more personal?

6 – What were your thoughts on Austin, the Australian Shepherd?

7 – There was a strong personal and professional relationship between Noah and Emmett Gabriel.  How did this help or hurt the story?

8 – Noah struggled with his relationship with Anna Beth.  What were some of the reasons this may have occurred?

9 –  What were some of your more favorite scenes in the book?

10 –  Did the ending of the book surprise you?

11 – There were two women romantically interested in Noah Parks, both with innuendo and sexual tension.   How was the author’s handling of these relationships?