Thanks for taking the time to read The Solicitor. I’ve listed some ideas to start book club discussions. I’ll be posting more from time to time, but use these to get started. Feel free to Contact me if you have ideas for questions or questions of your own.

Discussion Questions

1 – It is frequently said that one cannot judge a book by its cover but frequently a cover makes an impact. What are your thoughts on the cover of The Solicitor?

2 – The action starts with Noah Park’s arrest then resets until the story meets the Prologue. Was this effective in setting the stage for the story?

3 – There are a number of minor characters in the book, who was your favorite and why?

4 – Noah is an established lawyer in Charleston with a good reputation in the legal community. However, as the story progress, he has to stray from the path upon which his career has taken. Does this action change the reader’s opinion of his as a lawyer? As a person?

5 – Is it farfetched to think an attorney would be accused of murder so quickly?

6 – Is S. Bart too zealous in the manner in which he pursues Noah’s prosecution?

7 – Both Noah and Gabriel have sworn to uphold the law. How does it fit, the manner in which they bend their oaths?

8 – If you were in Noah’s place, wrongfully accused of murder, how would you react? What steps would you take?

9 – How effective is The Solicitor in conveying a sense of place?

10 – Did you feel there were any unanswered questions when the book ended?

11 – If you were writing a review for Amazon or Goodreads (hint hint), what would you highlight?