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The Solicitor is now available. It can be ordered here and is also available through your favorite bookseller.

Awards for The Trust

Independent Publishers Award


Beach Book Award


SIBA Long List Nominee


About Sean Keefer

Sean Keefer

Sean Keefer began writing while a student at the University of South Carolina.

His first award winning book, The Trust, was published in 2011. The follow up, The Solicitor, was published in the summer of 2017

Sean finds his inspiration for his writing from his travels throughout our great country and from the people and places of the South Carolina Lowcountry He lives with his wife and a pack of canines on the coast of South Carolina and when he is not writing he can be found with a camera, a guitar, a scuba tank or practicing law.

My Books

Sean Keefer Books

To attorney Noah Parks, the probate of a will should be a simple task. But the Last Will and Testament of Leonardo Xavier Cross is anything but simple.

Though Parks has never heard of Cross, he learns that the Will directs he provide the legal representation for the estate, and as part of his fee he is to receive the contents of a safety deposit box no one knew existed.

Come along with Parks to unravel the mysterious will as the body count starts to rise.

$ 15.50
Sean Keefer Books

When you make your living fighting for justice, the last place you expect to wake up is behind bars.

Attorney Noah Parks has spent his life keeping people out of jail. When he’s charged with the murder of a candidate for Charleston County Solicitor he finds himself on the wrong side of the law for a crime he says he didn’t commit. No longer fighting for others he must fight to clear his name and find the real killer before it’s too late.

The Solicitor is set in historic Charleston and the surrounding South Carolina Lowcountry where under the surface things are not always as genteel as they appear.

$ 15.50

What the reviewers are saying

The Trust – Traditional Southern literary fiction, suspense and mystery all combined to make this a book fit to discuss in detail.

Summerville Journal Scene

The Trust – Full of intrigue, suspense, and a sincere love for Charleston’s amazing architecture and history, The Trust is an engaging beach read and a must-have for Charleston-philes and mystery novel fans alike.

Kristen Hackler – The Island Eye News

The Trust – An entertaining adventure through Charleston landmarks.

Charleston Magazine

The Solicitor is a nail-biting thriller from the first sentence. It’s The Firm meets Presumed Innocent with a touch of The Fugitive woven in. Readers will get lost in this gripping thriller.

Andra Watkins – New York Times Best Selling Author

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